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I have worked in education for 23 years as a teacher, principal, adjunct professor, and board member.  I spent the past five years actively and passionately working to improve the Hermosa Beach City School District as your school board member. 


I pride myself on the accomplishments we have made on behalf of Team Hermosa! 

A few highlights. . . 


-Built the new, safer, & more energy efficient Hermosa Vista & View schools on time and on budget.

-Brought back all-day kindergarten, with before-care and after-care.

-Added student enrichment programs during after-care, including Spanish.

-Increased staff and program offerings from our counseling department.

-Introduced Wellness programs, including a Wellness Council of parents, students, and community members from each school.

-Facilitated community dialogue on decisions made by our Equity and Inclusion Committee.

-Created and expanded academics and arts programs, including Math in the Real World, Video Production, Visual/Performing Arts, 5th Grade Band, and intervention programs like Air Tutors.

-Introduced a data-led approach to improved student achievement and personalized learning

The work is not done. 

I'm looking forward to being apart of the HBCSD over the next four years as we work towards our vision and goals in partnership with the students, parents, staff, community, and partners to continue to make Hermosa the Best Little Beach School.


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